INFINITE BEGINNINGS   (Director of Photography)
Video portraits | Runtime 3:20’ | 2022

Infinite Beginnings is four portraits centered on the theme of protection and transformation, exploring the ways in which decorative objects can act as armor — balancing softness and strength in as we move through our everyday. Inspired by Chinese creation mythologies, Infinite Beginnings is grounded in the idea of repetition and ritual in one’s journey of finding their own power and strength.
Creative Directors: Mei Lum, Vivian Sangsukwirasathien    
Director of Photography: Nathaniel Brown     
Stylist: Melody Huang   
Performer: Eddy Kwon 
Assistant Camera: Jane Yang   
Production Design: Vivian Sangsukwirasathien   
Art Production Assistant: Mischelle Moy
Sound Design: Kyle Kaplan   

Featuring words by K-Ming Chan & art by Heidi Lau
A commission for Wing on Wo & Co 


LELEB  (Director of Photography & Co-Director)
Short Film | Runtime 3:20’ | 2022

Watch on Nowness

Leleb, (sinking or drowning in Javanese) is a project about the futility and visceral grief of clinging to a home that will inevitably disappear. In central Java, Indonesia’s most populous island, human manipulation of the environment has caused coastal villages to begin to sink into the sea. Although the area has become increasingly unlivable, most residents still remain, clinging to the final vestiges of what is left of their communities. We seek to pay tribute to those who endure. Working alongside Javanese dancer Siko Setyanto and soundtracked by the experimental Javanese band Senyawa, Leleb seeks to be an intimate portrait of resilience and a reminder of the difficult and sometimes painful relationship between humanity and the space it occupies.

A film by Marc Ressang & Nathaniel Brown
Cinematography: Nathaniel Brown
Producer Marc Ressang
Performer: Siko Setyanto
Music: Senyawa(Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi)

CITY OF HANDS (Director/DP/Producer) 
Documentary Short | Runtime 21’ | 2016

Slowly forgotten after being home to the emperor’s imperial kilns for a thousand years, Jingdezhen is now filling with young artists. An oasis for creatives in China’s urban east, people from all over the country come to Jingdezhen to follow porcelain dreams. CITY OF HANDS is a look into the lives of four young residents of Jingdezhen.

Winner of Best Documentary Short Film at North Bay Art & Film Festival, with Screenings at Cleveland International Film Festival (2016), Festival de Cannes Court Métrage (2016), the Embassy of the United States in China (2017), and Wing on Wo & Co, NYC (2016), CITY OF HANDS is a profile of the lives and dreams of young artists in Jingdezhen, China’s porcelain capital. 


Director & DP & Producer : Nathaniel J. Brown

Editor: AJ Sinker
Writing: Nathaniel J. Brown & Aj Sinker

Music: Kyle Kaplan


Experimental Short | Runtime 9’ | 2019

A contemplation of mortality and re-birth and a meditation on our coexistence with nature, PORTRAITS OF SOUND is seven portraits of Shanghai-based musicians weaved togethed, each film as a single take accompanied by the musicians’ own music.

On Nowness

Musicians: Chacha, Guan, Zean, Alex Wang, Empress CC!, Mirrors, Dream Can

Direct: DJ Furth
Cinematography: Gianpaolo Lupori
Produce: Xixi Nie
Art Direct: Sakura Fischer
AD: Nathaniel Brown
HMU: Pipi / 皮皮
Stylist: Ying Xiaolei
Gear: Hu Jie / 胡杰, Victor Ivanov & Kristian Hansen
1st AC / Focus Puller: Andre Wan
Gaffer: Hu Jie / 胡杰, Jin Dong
Head on table: Emily Chee
People on the ground: Francesca Urijoe and Davide Rossi