Slowly forgotten after being home to the emperor’s imperial kilns for a thousand years, Jingdezhen is now filling with young artists. An oasis for creatives in China’s urban east, people from all over the country come to Jingdezhen to follow porcelain dreams. CITY OF HANDS is a look into the lives of four young residents of Jingdezhen.

Winner of Best Documentary Short Film at North Bay Art & Film Festival, with Screenings at Cleveland International Film Festival (2016), Festival de Cannes Court Métrage (2016), the Embassy of the United States in China (2017), and Wing on Wo & Co, NYC (2016), CITY OF HANDS is a profile of the lives and dreams of young artists in Jingdezhen, China’s porcelain capital. 


Direct: Nathaniel Brown

Cinematography: Nathaniel Brown
Produce: Nathaniel Brown

Edit: AJ Sinker
Writing: Nathaniel Brown & Aj Sinker

Music: Kyle Kaplan



Caili Quan, a ballet dancer from Guam, now based in the United States, choreographs her love letter as a tribute to home. As Caili puts it, “I always wanted to create a piece that is a tribute to home. During the process, Love letter evolved into a reflection not only of Guam but also of Philadelphia. It is a love letter to the people and culture of the island that defined my spirit, and to the city that nurtured my art.”

Commissioned by Ballet X for Ballet X Beyond

In the New York Times


Choreography: Caili Quan
Cinematography: Nathaniel Brown & Elliot deBruyn
Edit: Elliot deBruyn
Dancers:Francesca Forcella, Zachary Kapeluck, Blake Krapels, Savannah Green, Andrea Yorita, Ashley Simpson, Richard Villaverde, Stanley Glover, Roderick Phifer

Client: Ballet X

Nike CNY 2020 (Stills, DV, 3rd cam)

Nike’s Visual campaign for Chinese New Year

Client: Nike

Director: Dj Furth
Cinematography: Dj Furth, Steveo Sheng, Nathaniel Brown
Stills: Nathaniel Brown
Edit: Dj Furth, Victor Ivanov
Sound Design: Dj Furth
Stylist: Yii Ooi
AC: Zhang Cheng, Gao Meng
Gaffer: Xu Cong
Production House Producers: Sion Millet & Mandy (BLOC Productions)
Nike Production: Kelly & Jing
Nike Exec Production: Xuan
Rep Agent: Beijing Eye


INTO BELIEF is a forthcoming feature documentary on religious pluralism in South Siberia -- a vast region where shamanism Orthodox Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism coexist in a singular fashion. Through conversations with local spiritual figures and laypeople about their perspectives on spirituality and their relationship, INTO BELIEF seeks to understand how spirituality has evolved within this beautiful but harsh natural environment. Touching on notions of love, transformation and how best to live a good life, INTO BELIEF is a tribute to the humbling warmth, wisdom and kindness of modern Siberia told through local rituals and perspectives.

Direct: Dj Furth

Cinematography: Gianpaolo Lupori
Art Direct: Sakura Fischer
Assistant Direct: Nathaniel Brown
Produce: Maxim Savchenko & Isaichenko Anastasia
Edit: Dj Furth
Sound Design: Dj Furth


A contemplation of mortality and re-birth and a meditation on our coexistence with nature, PORTRAITS OF SOUND is seven portraits of Shanghai-based musicians weaved togethed, each film as a single take accompanied by the musicians’ own music.

On Nowness

Musicians: Chacha, Guan, Zean, Alex Wang, Empress CC!, Mirrors, Dream Can

Direct: DJ Furth
Cinematography: Gianpaolo Lupori
Produce: Xixi Nie
Art Direct: Sakura Fischer
AD: Nathaniel Brown
HMU: Pipi / 皮皮
Stylist: Ying Xiaolei
Gear: Hu Jie / 胡杰, Victor Ivanov & Kristian Hansen
1st AC / Focus Puller: Andre Wan
Gaffer: Hu Jie / 胡杰, Jin Dong
Head on table: Emily Chee
People on the ground: Francesca Urijoe and Davide Rossi