INVISIBLE SEAMS (Producer, Camera)
Documentary Short | Runtime 17’ | 2022

Featured in Vouge (images by Nathaniel Brown)
the New York TimesWomens Wear Daily & CFDA

Invisible Seams shares the stories of eight different Asian seamstresses and pattern-makers in New York, bringing to the fore the experiences of these frontline workers of the fashion industry, whose voices are too often overlooked. These women have weathered the pandemic, the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes, trials of immigration, and the never-ending demands of fashion cycles. Invisible Seams is a celebration of their talent and expertise, an acknowledgment that their devotion to their craft is also a means of survival.

Director: Jia Li
Executive Producer: Jodie Chan
Producers: Jia Li, Nathaniel J. Brown 
Director of Photography: Jia Li
Camera: Jia Li, Nathaniel J. Brown, Yiwei Chen
Sound & Additional Music: Carver Audain
Editor: Yiwei Chen
Sound Mix: Kristofer Ríos
Color: Jia Li
Titles: John Butler
Translation: Yiwei Chen, Eunil Ko
Special Thanks: Hai-li Kong, Joshua Frank


NOWNESS Body language: Guang Chang Wu  (DP)
Documentary short | Runtime 4’ | 2021
Client: Nowness & Jacob’s Pillow

Documenting the essence and emotion behind Chinese diaspora dance groups in New York City.

Commissioned by Nowness & Jacob’s Pillow

Director: Jean Liu
Director of Photography: Nathaniel J. Brown
Producer: Yan 
1st AC: Elo Santa Maria
Styling: Melody Huang


Mahålang  (Co-Director & DP)
Documentary Short | Runtime 16’ | 2021

Choreographer Caili Quan pays tribute to the family and culture on Guam that sparked her love of music and inspired her dream of dancing. Weaving a narrative of how collective memory and storytelling preserve where we come from, this film is an ode to a home and the longing to return.

Commissioned by Ballet X for Ballet X Beyond
In the New York Times

Choreography: Caili Quan
Cinematography & Directing: Nathaniel Brown & Elliot deBruyn
Edit: Elliot deBruyn
Dancers:Francesca Forcella, Zachary Kapeluck, Blake Krapels, Savannah Green, Andrea Yorita, Ashley Simpson, Richard Villaverde, Stanley Glover, Roderick Phifer

Documentary Short  | Runtime 3’ | 2020

A profile of large format photographer and artist Chen Nong.

Direct: DJ Furth
Cinematography: DJ Furth & Nathaniel Brown
Art Direct: Sakura Fisher
Produce: Moolah Creative