Nathaniel J.Brown is a filmmaker and photographer based between New York & Shanghai. Fulbright scholar; fluent in Chinese; and equally comfortable in remote mountain ranges, sensitive political situations, and avant-garde performance pieces, he is adaptable, proactive, and thorough, with experience in 20+ countries on large productions and as a solo operator.

Nathaniel has worked and lived in Jingdzhen, China’s porcelian capital, for the past decade. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for Reasearch in 2013, and a Mellon Foundation Grant in 2012. He is author of “Reworking Old Clay: evaluating the sucess of Jingdezhen’s ceramic industry after economic transition,” and the Director of “City of Hands” an independant documentary following young ceramicists as they navigate what it means to be a working artist in modern China.  

He has been Director of Product at Wing On Wo & Co since 2016, where he is responsible for all things porcelian