The School of Beauty and Long Life (B cam)
Documentary Short  | Runtime 9’ | 2019

At a school in Shanghai, thousands of students are enrolling to follow their dreams of becoming hairdressers and beauticians. With classes on facials, hair perming, and eyebrow grooming, the curriculum offered seems like standard beauty school fare. But the sight of students dressed in military uniforms, practicing drills in the courtyard reveals that the school is far from a typical institute of beauty. The enigmatic founder and CEO of the school sits down to explain the founding pillars of his brand and his unorthodox approach to education.

Hundreds of trainees from all across China enrol in the Wenfeng Beauty and Hairdressing School to realise their dreams under the tutelage of Chen Hao. More on NOWNESS

Direct: Noah Sheldon
Cinematography: Noah Sheldon, Nathaniel Brown, Daniel Szeto
Edit: Jean Liu
Produce: Jean Liu
Music: Nick Zinner

Screenings: SF DocFestDoc, Edge NZ, Walla Walla Movie Crush, Florida Film Festival