INTO BELIEF (Producer)
Documentary | Runtime 29’ | 2022

INTO BELIEF is a forthcoming feature documentary on religious pluralism in South Siberia -- a vast region where shamanism Orthodox Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism coexist in a singular fashion. Through conversations with local spiritual figures and laypeople about their perspectives on spirituality and their relationship, INTO BELIEF seeks to understand how spirituality has evolved within this beautiful but harsh natural environment. Touching on notions of love, transformation and how best to live a good life, INTO BELIEF is a tribute to the humbling warmth, wisdom and kindness of modern Siberia told through local rituals and perspectives.

Director: Dj Furth
Cinematography: Gianpaolo Lupori
Field Producer: Nathaniel J. Brown
Art Director: Sakura Fischer
Producers: Maxim Savchenko & Isaichenko Anastasia
Edit & Sound Design: Dj Furth