INFINITE BEGINNINGS   (Director of Photography)
Video portraits | Runtime 3:20’ | 2022

Infinite Beginnings is four portraits centered on the theme of protection and transformation, exploring the ways in which decorative objects can act as armor — balancing softness and strength in as we move through our everyday. Inspired by Chinese creation mythologies, Infinite Beginnings is grounded in the idea of repetition and ritual in one’s journey of finding their own power and strength.
Creative Directors: Mei Lum, Vivian Sangsukwirasathien    
Director of Photography: Nathaniel Brown     
Stylist: Melody Huang   
Performer: Eddy Kwon 
Assistant Camera: Jane Yang   
Production Design: Vivian Sangsukwirasathien   
Art Production Assistant: Mischelle Moy
Sound Design: Kyle Kaplan   

Featuring words by K-Ming Chan & art by Heidi Lau
A commission for Wing on Wo & Co