NOWNESS Body language: Guang Chang Wu  (Director of Photography, Stedicam Op)
Documentary short | Runtime 4’ | 2021


Documenting the essence and emotion behind Chinese diaspora dance groups in New York City.

“Over 100 million people gather daily in China to dance and socialize in public parks, neighborhood squares, and even underneath freeway overpasses. The dance styles can vary from Guang Chang Wu, a form of Chinese square dance, to Yangge, a popular folk dance. Although this energetic pastime activity is open to anyone, public dancing is particularly enjoyed by middle-aged and retired women.

Director Jean Liu captured Team Zhi Qing, one of New York City’s Guang Chang Wu groups, to create this celebratory profile piece. The Team’s sound bites, layered across images of gathered skirts, bamboo fans, and colorful handkerchiefs, reflect on the joy and sorority that dancing brings to them.
Commissioned by Nowness & Jacob’s Pillow”

Director: Jean Liu
Director of Photography: Nathaniel J. Brown
Producer: Yan 
1st AC: Elo Santa Maria
Styling: Melody Huang