CITY OF HANDS (Director/DP/Producer) 
Documentary Short | Runtime 21’ | 2016

Slowly forgotten after being home to the emperor’s imperial kilns for a thousand years, Jingdezhen is now filling with young artists. An oasis for creatives in China’s urban east, people from all over the country come to Jingdezhen to follow porcelain dreams. CITY OF HANDS is a look into the lives of four young residents of Jingdezhen.

Winner of Best Documentary Short Film at North Bay Art & Film Festival, with Screenings at Cleveland International Film Festival (2016), Festival de Cannes Court Métrage (2016), the Embassy of the United States in China (2017), and Wing on Wo & Co, NYC (2016), CITY OF HANDS is a profile of the lives and dreams of young artists in Jingdezhen, China’s porcelain capital. 


Director & DP & Producer : Nathaniel J. Brown

Editor: AJ Sinker
Writing: Nathaniel J. Brown & Aj Sinker

Music: Kyle Kaplan